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Joke: Ten Million Dollars!!!
WIFE: Darling why are you home this early
wearing such a long face?

HUSBAND: Had a terrible day, I lost all my
colleagues today at work.
WIFE: Blood of Jesus! What happened?

HUSBAND: There was a fire out break down
the tunnel and everybody died!

WIFE: What a pity! Darling I thank God for
keeping U alive. How did you make it out my

HUSBAND: Darling, it was God`s work. My
stomach was upsetting me so, I took a
break to ease myself in the toilet.

WIFE: Darling, thank God you are alive. What
would have happened to us? I feel so much
pity for their families, how are they going to
survive now?

HUSBAND: My dear it’s a pity, but UNITED
NATIONS has decided to give the families of
the deceased $10 million each.

WIFE: What? !!!! Ten million what? Chai!!
Honey you didn’t do well oo, why are you
always absent when God wants to bless us?
Big Grin Big Grinhhahahah let him go and die back jhor

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