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Migrating Content To Blogger From Mywapblog
Migrating Content to Blogger
First go to this page to get your XML files. There can be one or more files depending on the number of posts you have on your blog. If you get multiple XML files you should start with "blogger-export-1.xml" then proceed to "blogger-export-2.xml" and so on. It is also advisable to ONLY upload (import) one XML file at a time and then upload (import) the next file after at least a few hours.

It is also HIGHLY recommended to upload (import) only 2 XML files per day. If you got 10 XML files, it would be advisable to upload (import) them in the span of 5-10 days and NOT at one time. This is to prevent Blogger from thinking you’re spamming their service. Since "blogger-export-1.xml" contains the most recent contents, your new Blogger blog will become operational and useful from the first day giving you ample time to upload the older contents ("blogger-export-2.xml", "blogger-export-3.xml" etc.) later.
The following screenshots outline the process of importing XML files and are pretty self explanatory.
This guide assumes that you already have an account at Blogger and one blog created. If not please register an account and create one blog.

Step 0: Login to Blogger
Importing through Mobile phone
Step 1
[Image: b1-lowres.jpg]

Step 2
[Image: b2-lowres.jpg]
Step 3
[Image: b3-lowres.jpg]

Step 4
[Image: b4-lowres.jpg]

Step 5
[Image: b5-lowres.jpg]

Importing through Desktop device
Step 1
[Image: b1-lowres.jpg]

Step 2
[Image: b2-lowres.jpg]

Step 3
[Image: b3-lowres.jpg]

Step 4
[Image: b4-lowres.jpg]

Step 5
[Image: b5-lowres.jpg]

The import may take a some time depending on the size of the XML file (which in turn depends on the number of posts / comments you have) and your Internet connection speed. Please be patient while the import is in progress.
Note: Rarely, Blogger may not publish all the content in the XML file in that case you can repeat the above process with the same XML file after a few minutes.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
This is cool..
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
Nice one dude.

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