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NEWS: Facebook Charged With Alleged Fake News Call Towards Certain Online Articles
It's become a trend in our everyday world today, either branding online news as either fake, controversial or even illegal - yeah you heard that right? It is a cause which recently, unfortunately, Facebook had to bear with a having been charged in the court of public opinion of internet users for furthering the "fake news" trend by bumping it up higher in many Facebook users’ news feeds.

In a bid to curtail the outflow of untrustworthy sources, the social media giant sought to a difficult task of experimenting with a new concept which looks like proving to hurt to their unfortunate users.

So what did they do - moving up comments and posts that included the words “fake news” so that disputes against and public questions against articles or posts branded "fake" could be more visible. A really bad move?

And Then?

To say it backfired would be a huge understatement. The tech giant who has been at the forefront of many controversial calls like the building/unveiling of their new Andriod phone yet now have another issue to handle.

At the heart of this issue is something that has confounded the site’s users for ages, namely, that some content gets more “weight” and therefore gets featured highest times, hiding some posts and uploads to certain users either through their AI.

It went from bad to worse for them in this case, that Facebook bumped up comments in their news feed which allegedly to them their users had stated the content was fake news.
Lack of scrutiny? Can't just get it.

How believable is this if them (Facebook) are not actually scrutinizing the content of the stories themselves to be able to brand it as either fake or not?”
Point in case!

While Facebook has put an end to that one, the company says it will continue working to fight back against untruthful, “fake” news despite public uproar from the entire public.

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