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NaijaConcept Or Any Other Scamming Script Needed
Guys plss I really Need NaijaCOncept Theme and Any Scamming Airtime Script.....Used Long Tym ago plsss
Scamming Script ??

You Wanna Scam??
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  • 2016raven
Scamming?? @Aphatheology @Voski come and see, this one bad oh!
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
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I would have said it's reccessions fault buh, if reccession had mouth. It would definitely call me a liar and a false withness.
(01-08-2017, 01:58 PM)Dealwap Wrote:
Scamming?? @Aphatheology @Voski come and see, this one bad oh!

lolz ... E suprise me too
(01-08-2017, 01:00 PM)Ajnet Wrote:
Scamming Script ??

You Wanna Scam??

lolz ... Na idea i go open site now, @Ajnet help me tell the guy make e check later.
Pls sia NaijaCOncept Theme
Just create a new thread requesting for theme alone, am sure they will reply u there, nobody will take you serious here!
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