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Nctians, Lets Do An Seo Competition. Can You Get Indexed In 3hrs?
Okay, the topic is straight forward. Can ur site get indexed in 3hrs?

I will provide a topic and a little post here, all you have to do is copy and paste the topic in your site and we will see if it gets indexed in 3hrs.

Once you publish the post, post a screenshot of the published post and the time u posted it. Don't use google webmaster tools like the 'fetching as google' tool. Just your site's natural seo.

Drop link to the pub post plus the time published with a screenshot of the time published.

@Hackinubee, no use dah your ojoro site. Use Markloaded
@Eddykul, @Laive, @Topkeh and other bloggers lets go there!
I'm in.... hehehe
the universe is two, so the other me might be awesome #PearStep
@Egbune, which ojoro site?
skyprochter, abi wat name u call use am o, use markloaded
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now I get you Big Grin

it's not how fast they crawl but how stupid google bots are

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@Hackinubee, no be ur site be dis?

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Here is the title...

"Bred Is Not Fit For The Music Industry. 6 Reasons"
not yet Bro
(08-11-2017, 07:12 PM)Egbune Wrote:
@Hackinubee, no be ur site be dis?

former blog, I no use am again
xenforo go win na
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Nigerian Artiste,Bred has been in the music industry for quite a while now but hasn't made much name unlike his cousin, Davido.

Below are 6 reason why we don't think he is for the business.

1. Little or no lyric compilation skill

2. When fine boy is more important than focusing in your music

3. Shooting a video or singing song showing off 'ukwu' from beginning to end. No shift!

4. Depending on your relative too much.

5. No publicizing strategy

6. Poor music production beats and poorly hyped music

**Bred, this is not true, its just for competeton purpose Big Grin Big Grin **

If you are done,post link and a screenshot to the time u posted it.
@Dealwap, no vex...pls let others join @Aphatheology mov to fp abeg, you are reading the thread now
6 Reasons why B-Red is Not Fit For The Music Industry

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(08-11-2017, 07:35 PM)Hackinubee Wrote:
6 Reasons why B-Red is Not Fit For The Music Industry

wrong screenshot bro
Post moved to FP!
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
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