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Ngnfund Seamless Business Plan
Congrats, you are on track to creating wealth if you truly desire to be wealthy, ridiculously simple formula to build wealth is embedded in the ngnfund business plan you will be exposed to by clicking the link below.
Start your journey into the world of financial freedom with the small capital you can afford. Hit me up with a message via WhatsApp 08035427273 and get the necessary details.
Don't miss this for anything in the world.
Ngnfund is really working and have been earning from the platform from day one, am happy am putting in the right work to earn and am also helping my team members. To join our team register with the link below

For more details contact me via Call/WhatsApp 08035427273
What Exactly is NGNFund?
Ngnfund fund is more than just a crowdfunding platform, Ngnfund was designed to enrich members with just little investment for people take advantage of as a means of generating an extra source of income, to raise capital to start a business or any other venture.

As a member of Ngnfund, you also have access to advertise your other business Free Of Charge once you reach level 3, this gives you the opportunity to let over five thousand members of Ngnfund know the type of business you do and how they can reach you so as to be your customer.

NGNFund is the First Indigenous Team-Work Based Business Platform. It is Designed Intelligently to Empower Members Start-Up various Businesses in the Country and Earn Naira From a Spare Amount of NGN2,000
The company started on the 1st of January, 2018 and was officially launched on the 8th of January, 2018 and is presently gaining substantial unmatched grounds the Investment world has ever seen.

Some of the unique features of NGNFUND include:

It is very affordable and Transparent.
NGNFund Credit SMS Alert and Email Verification
Dedicated LiveChat Consultants
Entrepreneurship and Business Articles for members and Many More etc.

How does it work?
Firstly, you only need NGN2,000 to get started! Simply Invest NGN2,000 by sending to the details that will be provided after your registration and upload your proof of payment for confirmation.

Everyone starts with an Equal amount as the entry point, After that, the rest is just pass-up funds, You are not required to take any money from your pocket for payment again. All you will ever need to run the business is just the 2000 naira registration fee and you will earn it back in the shortest time possible.

Estimated Profit Calculation of NGNFund System

Let's look at level 1, you get a registration link from your upline and create your account in NGNFund, after creating your account, you will pay N2,000 to start your investment 

Level 1 -: You Receive N2,000 from 2 referrals (your two direct referrals) = N4,000 (Invest N2,000 to Upgrade to Level 2) Gain N2,000

Level 2 -: You Receive N2,000 from 4 referrals (paid by your Level 1 downlines) = N8,000(Invest N4,000 to Upgrade to Level 3) Gain N4,000

Level 3 -: You Receive N4,000 from 8 referrals (paid by your Level 2 downlines) = N32,000(Invest N16,000 to Upgrade Level 4) Gain N16,000

Level 4 -: You Receive N16,000 from 16 referrals (paid by your Level 3 downlines) = N256,000(Invest N128,000 to Upgrade Level 5) Gain N128,000

Level 5 -: You Receive N128,000 from 32 referrals (paid by your Level 4 downlines) =N4,096,000 (Invest N1,000,000 to Upgrade Level 6) Gain N3,096,000

Level 6 -: You Receive N1,000,000 from 64 referrals (paid by your Level 5 downlines) =N64,000,000

Congrats, you are on track to creating wealth if you truly desire to be wealthy, this simple formula to build wealth is embedded in the NGNFund business plan.

Secondly, 2 people are required to register with your link for you to start earning.

Do I have to get my 2 before I start earning? NO. From the moment the first person register with your link, you will earn from the first referral and samething is applicable when the second person register as well.

Can I refer more than 2 people? YES. If you register more than 2 people, the system will automatically place them under your downlines and that also guarantee support to for the people that register before the next set of people you register.

Must I refer to earn? YES. ANS: There are 3 for you to get your two downlines for you to earn.

1)You can personally refer two people with your referral link.


Your referral link will be active immediately after paying your registration fee of just 2000 naira.
2. You can wait for the system to use a unique feature called rotator to help place member under you.
3. You can join Our TEAM so we can help you build referrals as a team. We have got everything covered in Bells Team. For the members that can't refer 2 people to join them.  All you need to do is to register with the link provided by the team and we are going to get you downlines.

So let's get started.

Success is guaranteed so don't delay.

To join this team, register with any of the link below
Contact me via WhatsApp 08132657781 to get more details.
NOTE As you register, other too will register under you.

 Upgrade as soon as you receive 50% of your donation on every stage, Don't wait for the full amount, it will definitely be paid! If not, your downlines might overtake you and you then miss their donation!
Don't miss this opportunity for anything in the world.

The richest man in Africa says and I quote “To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big.” – Aliko Dangote

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