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Official Glo Data 2017 , How To Get Double Data!
We all know that Glo are the Grand Masters Of Data but are they really that good when it comes to data quality , price and quantity ? Lets take a look..

3G-4G Plan Name > Price (N) > Data Volume

N25 DATA PLAN > 25 > 10MB

N50 DATA PLAN > 50 > 15MB

N100 DATAPLAN > 100 > 35MB

N200 DATA PLAN > 200 > 100MB

N500 DATA PLAN > 500 > 800MB

N1,000 DATA PLAN > 1,000 > 1.6GB

N2000 DATA PLAN > 2,000 > 3.75GB

N2,500 DATA PLAN > 2,500 > 5GB

N3,000 DATA PLAN > 3,000 > 6GB

N4,000 DATA PLAN > 4,000 > 9.5GB

N5,000 DATA PLAN > 5,000 > 12GB

N8,000 DATA PLAN > 8,000 > 22GB

N10,000 DATA PLAN > 10,000 > 50GB

N15,000 DATA PLAN > 15,000 > 80GB

N18,000 DATA PLAN > 18,000 > 100GB

N20,000 DATA PLAN > 20,000 >120GB

What do you think ? and thats not all you can get double of your data subscription if you data is on auto renew.

Glo Auto Renewal

New and old glo subscribers can get double there data subscription once they have successfully purchase a data plan from Glo for the second time i.e if you buy glo #500naira data plan today, you will be given 800MB, when next you recharge #500naira it will automatically be deducted and you will be given 1.6GB worth of data.So long as you have not deactivate your auto renewal function you will keep enjoying double data bonus from Glo On all there 3G-4Gplans..

How To Subscribe

To Subscribe Dial *777# Choose 1 Then 1 Again

Small Plan : 50 Naira to 500 Naira Plan

Monthly Plan : 1,000 Naira to 5,000 Naira Plan

Mega Plan : 10,000 Naira To 20,000 Naira Plan

To check Your Data balance dial : *777*1*1*4# or *127*0#

..Glo Unlimited....

Source : Abtech Blog

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Nice one...... But I heard that with 500naira, you get 2gb and with 1k, you get 4gb and 4.5gb upon renewal
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(11-30-2017, 08:23 PM)marktimothy Wrote:
Nice one...... But I heard that with 500naira, you get 2gb and with 1k, you get 4gb and 4.5gb upon renewal

that's the latest offers, @ABCheats hasn't updated his database yet
Hmmnnn.. Abcheat is just everywhere on the internet,i think its the most popular nct username on the internet ...

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