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SHARED: Basic Reasons Why You Should Not Share Your Blog Template With Anyone By Henry Ijogu
These post first appeared on

* I have Alighted the Basic Reasons Why you Should not share your Blog Template with Anyone, See reasons @

As a Reader you might be
wondering why i have decieded
to write this post!

whatever you have in mind feel free to use the comment box, i'll
sure respond in no time, thank you.

Some questions came to my
mind recently, so many questions
i cant start mentioning right
here, but i'll sure brief you.
first after taking a good look at
my blog (snowbooks) it has
actually take a dull look, its not
attractive like before, i keep
getting so many messages in my
mail to fixup some detected
bugs, my sharing widgets is not
pickingup well, i was now
begining to get where the issue
is comming from! do you wanna
know too?
The reason why i keep having
the above problem is because of
those i gave my blog template for
free out of being kind (in my
mind i was helping them) i neva
knew i was dieing slowly, my
blog is comming down! my i.ds
are over working, that is why i
keep getting messages from
facebook especially to fix up
some bugs. lemme explain better.

For Bloggers who know so
much about Templates
(creators, modders and editors)
I know you would have one
way or the other come accross
Facebook Open Graph in your
blogger template, which enables
you share your blog posts easily
to facebook, it consist of your
App ID, Admin/Owner ID,
Og:image and co.
All these are requested by
facebook for security reasons,
therefore we should be careful
when we share our template,
those we give our template to
might use it for illegal things
while we the owner will be the
one suffering what we dont
know about, aside that do you
also know that we can be traced
with our ID's? Hell no, most of us
dont know!
Do you know that when Google
Adsense Ban you permanently
it also include your ID's and not
only your Domain:
many of us
dont know these, but ask your
self why do you get rejected by
adsense after you have read their
terms and policies, abide by their
rules, you dont copy/paste, you
have over 1k posts with your
own thumbnails yet Adsense
dont approve you? well it might
interest you to know that you
have shared your template with
someone which include your ID's
and that person you send it to
have done illegal things (like
invalid clicks, blackhat trick etc)
and therefore Adsense have
placed a permanent ban on his
blog including your template ID's
so its going to affect you the real
owner except you change your
ID's mind you your profile id is
permanent and cannot be
changed, as for your facebook
app you can create another one,
wait for approval, get its id and
then put it to use.
Sharing your template with
other blog owners, will put a
dull look on your blog:
imagine you share your blog
template with over 7 people, and
you have same facebook friends,
twitter and other people visiting
those blogs, they will be like oh!
why is these blog owner using
same template with the other
people i vist their blog, it might
even make you lose traffic as
they will think that since it same
template they all are using, it
means they are all giving same
information in their blogs
(whether you are on tech niche
and those you share your
template with are on
entertainment niche) these
people wount care as the same
template has spoken for all of
Sharing your blog template
with people will make your ID's
to be vulnerable to attack,
illegal things etc:..........

Read Full Story:
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
It takes so long to learn simplicity.

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