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SHARED: Free Data (dent) You Guys Will Love It
Admin please let it reaches homepage


*Note:* 151dents = 1.5gb

First of all, download the app via my link


After downloading, Come back to WhatsApp and click my link again, it will take you to a *JOIN NOW* page, Click on it then register

Register with your details

Fake or real, it doesn't mata...

When you get to a page where *LET'S GO* IS DISPLAYED , wait for 2secs before you click on it

After u click on it, you will be logged in, den immediately, click on *INVITE NOW* wait for about 1min den go back and click on *INVITE NOW* Again (with speed) and wait for 10secs....

Then check your right top corner, you will see 50dents

Go back and scroll down, you will see different Mb and their prices... *Note:* You can only buy the ones with *NG* tagged on it.

I.e Airtel -- 350mb *(45dents)* , Glo -- 262mb *(32dents)* , 9mobile --- 150mb *(29dents)* , so, you can decide to buy any of the Mb
When you click on the Airtel 359mb, you will be asked to provide the number you want to send the Mb to, do that and follow the rest instructions....

So, after purchase, if you wish to get more your *INVITE LINK* and put in this my write up and send to your friends

For every friend that downloads the app with your Link and Registers with your Link , you get 20dents..

*Note,* u can use your phone to reg many numbers under your *INVITE LINK*

This is what you will do,

Copy your INVITE link, logout from your account den post your *INVITE link* on whatsapp and click on it, immediately you click on it, it will take you to the app's *JOIN Now* page, so click on it and register with any details and any gmail account den do same process, wait for 2secs in the *LET's GO* PAGE Before u click on it and click on *INVITE NOW* immediately, wait for 1min before u go back and click on *INVITE NOW* immediately, to get 50dents in that account...

After everything, 20dents will be sent to your original account

That fake account u created is not useful to u, so u can use its dents to buy data for your friend

Etc etc..

Keep inviting to get more dents...u can register with your family members numbers via your *INVITE LINK* to get more dents to your original account?..

*Good luck..*

I was so fast when typing this, incase I left any detail out, my apologies!!

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