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SHARED: How To Build trusting Relationship With Your Blog Readers
Your blog is your business, Your blog is your medium of sharing. Then building a strong trusting relationship with your readers should be on your belt too.

What is trust?

Just to keep what am sharing fresh in our minds, i will define Trust. Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something, or confidence placed in a person by making that person the nominal owner of property to be held or used for the benefit of one or more others.

Trust there say, takes million years to build. But just a seconds to distroy.

I can say some newbie blogger don't care about this particular topic, not even a bit. I simply see this as ignorant and not understanding the concept of blogging.

In this post i will be revealing the few methods am puting in place or you can call it practice, to get the trust of my readers, i can boldly tell you it's damn working.

Let's take a quick look at the benefits of having your blog readers trust

How can i communicate with you when i dont trust you? There is no way that's going to happen, the same way you can't discuss personal business with a scammer (if you know who he/she is). But when i trust you i can even give you my cpanel password without fears. Like back in the days of wapka, a reader so trust me that he gave me the password to his WAPKA passport and email.

yes they buy any product you recommend even though they know you're gaining from the products (through commision) from affiliate to ebooks they are always with you, because they trust that you can't recommend something bad to them and you keep making a couple of bucks.

This is a sure game, they keep on coming, they keep on visiting your blog (who no like better thing?) there can even refer or recomment friends to you for goods and services you render.

I can keep on listing without ending, there is no limit in benefits having readers who trust you, let's go to the real reason of this post. How To Build Trusting Relationship With Your Blog Readers, this practice are sure way that yield results to geting reader to trust you i have personally practices this or should say am personally practicing this.

1. Dont Write Fake News
Yeah, i know what you're thinking, but let me prove you wrong, it's not only entertainment bloggers that are guilty of this, other niche are also guilty when it comes to fake news or let me say fake cheats, yeah you want their attention and you think writing fake eye catching news or writing fake cheats, tutorials etc will do? It will. But that wont last, immidiately they discover boom that reader is gone.

Always write genuine story, verify cheats and tutorials, and for entertainment bloggers, try to indicate that a specific news hasn't been verify by you, you can ask them to check back, for the verified version

2. Offer Free Services
Hey dude, dont be in a haste to make money, you just created a blog and your first ebooks is out for sales, or you're littering your blog with ads. Are you serious?
Give out your first ebook for free, what i did was collect emails for subscrition before given out the ebooks.
I Offer free little services, services like Blog Review, Consultation etc
I created a page, where i listed out my free and premium services and i can boldly tell you every free services i render endup going premium. Note always try to be sincere even with those free services.

3.Create An "About Me" Page
Apart from the general about us page you have, create a personal Authorbiography, also put one or two of your pictures in the page. tell them about yourself, put links to your personal social media accounts. This sometimes implies, if the blog is a single mans blog (one man army), it won't do any harm if you put profiles of your team members, have seen blogs with many authors that do this.
It gives them assurance that you're not a scammer, and you're not hidding anything.

4. Reply To Comments (Interact)
This mostly have to do with the Tech, Health, Money making, Education bloggers. Reply to comments, if there is any, i sometime reply to comments in this format.

Hi John, how are you?
thanks for reading do come back

hear them out, always try to keep them first

5.Deliver On Time
If you're given a service free or paid, try to render them at the exact time agreed.
I always feel unrest when i don't render service at the agreed time, try to explain gently reasons for the delay.

Now Let me hear from you, you can add or ask any question using the comment box below. You're welcome

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Rolleyes bro you are making sense. Smile
Is nt abt been cute and having swags , d question is "u get sense"?? Cool
Nice post...
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