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SHARED: How To Import Mywapblog Posts And Comments To Wordpress & Blogger
Migrating Content to Self-Hosted Wordpress
This tutorial is for importing content to a self-hosted WordPress blog that requires having your web hosting. If you wish to migrate your content to a blog hosted on, please see: Migrating Content to

First go to this page to get your XML files. There can be one or more files depending on the number of posts you have on your blog. If you get multiple XML files you should start with "wordpress-export-1.xml" then proceed to "wordpress-export-2.xml" and so on. You can upload (import) all your XML files at one time (one-by-one) if you wish.
The following screenshots outline the process of importing XML files and are pretty self explanatory.

Step 0: Login to
Dashboard 1
Importing through Mobile phone
Step 1
[Image: w1.png]
(Click to enlarge)
Step 2
[Image: w2.png]

Step 3
[Image: w3.png]

Step 4
[Image: w4.png]

Step 5
[Image: w5.png]

Importing through Desktop device
Step 1
[Image: w1-lowres.jpg]

Step 2
[Image: w2-lowres.jpg]

Step 3
[Image: w3-lowres.jpg]

Step 4
[Image: w4-lowres.jpg]

The import may take a some time depending on the size of the XML file (which in turn depends on the number of posts / comments you have) and your Internet connection speed. Please be patient while the import is in progress.

Boss Sunsy Aka Sunstar (BSG)
Nice one bro.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.

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