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SHARED: How To Run Php And Mysql Database On Any Andriod Devine Like Xampp For Computer
Many people @upcoming ("coders and web developers") ,do go about researching on can mysql and php run in Andriod?. Or as a young coder or programmer
With the aspiration of learning, creating and knowing how PHP and MySQL works but don't have computer to test that. The good news is that today am giving you this outstanding tutorials you have ever wanted.
However to make this a success, you need to meet the requirements below and follow the steps and tips given beneath it carefully and appropriately.
1. Download Naija Coders Lab PHP MYSQL for any Andriod
the download link will be available in the tips section check the to download it.
2 . Android Smartphone 4.4.2 "KITKAT
recommended for better result.
3.Already have basic or advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. 4.Web browser but Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox is recommended by us.
So if you were able to meet the aforemention requirements, let's start the engine of the vehicle and ride on otherwise do try and meet the simple requirements listed above.
Note;this software you're about to use, was not created by me rather modified by me for easy text and navigations sake
1. just as said before, here Naijacoderslab Php mysql for any andriod is the download link just click it to download the software
2.After downloading and installing it, open it.
3.Do not touch or go near the folder if you don't have memory card on your phone.
Nothing is going to work until you click on the download button, some questions may arise in your mind this way.
Download button is it online?
Why download button xampp is offline na?
My answer to this question listed or not listed here for brief purpose, is that the software is offline and what I mean by download is just to extract PHP files to the Htdocs folder.
Note the files are 26458 in numbers.
4. Below the Web page editor, are the localhost link and MYSQL database information to login;copy them in a book or if you have a versatile brain, store them there as they will be needed to login your PHPMYADMIN.
5.Now click on the first button titled START to run the application.
If your application started correctly, you will surely see a message telling you that SUCCESSFULLY STARTED otherwise THIS APP IS NOT RUNNING
if you found this helpful,

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@Dealwap how about moving this thread to front page??
coding is always simple to them that believe@programming is thinking,typing and usually taught or learnt by examples.  
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