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SHARED: Sell Anything, Buy Anything!
One of the easiest and fastest ways to make your products and services easily accessible to potential buyers in Nigeria is through classified websites. We already have different classifieds websites in Nigeria, such as,,, etc. However, most of these classified websites have become so "noisy" that many sellers are not heard. In clearer terms, there is enough struggle on the side of publishers to reach potential buyers due to the level of competition on these sites.

With the current economic hardship ravaging the country, you don't have to continue spending thousands just to reach potential buyers.

The Good News

In view of the foregoing, was launched to help every Nigerian business owner reach a fair amount of potential customers in Nigeria. And it may interest you to know that many Nigerians have already taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity. On, there are just two sections: 1.) General Items and 2.) Sites & Blogs.

On the General Items section, you can publish anything for sale ranging from mobile phones computers, cars, houses, electronics, etc. While on the second section, i.e. Sites & Blogs, you could publish any website or blog you may want to sell. Sites may include e-commerce, forums, media sites, etc.

I Didn't Even Mention That...

You don't need to sign up for an account before selling your items! is FREE for everyone, including you! Yes, you... I said you! You just have to visit the site and click on the "Sell something" link, fill out the form and viola... your item will be open to potential buyers. At any time, you can manage any items you've published on all within the comfort of your mailbox.

Don't be left out! Start selling on and reach a wider percentage of potential buyers. Sell your website on or buy an already established one at cheap prices. The only thing you can not sell on is what you currently don't have. LOL.
Always try not to spend tomorrow regretting what you should have done today! Smile
Try to type the url in a way it will be clickable e.g
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
Only General Items and Sites & Blogs are the only category am seeing now, and others are showing before
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
(11-11-2016, 10:15 AM)Aphatheology Wrote:
Only General Items and Sites & Blogs are the only category am seeing now, and others are showing before

Yeah bro! Some categories where deliberately disabled for now. But they will be restored when the need arises.
Always try not to spend tomorrow regretting what you should have done today! Smile

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