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SHARED: Stop Your Friends From Changing Your Whatsapp Group Names With New Admin Tools
Whatsapp groups have new admin controls, making them a lot easier to manage.

Things like the group subject, icon, and description can now optionally be changed only by admins.

Previously this was a free-for-all, which (while occasionally fun) can get unwieldy in large enough groups.

It’s also now possible to take away someone’s admin powers, which is useful when someone won’t stop abusing their powers.

Whatsapp also added new group catchup function, which shows messages that reply to or mention you. The idea is you can quickly see the messages pertaining to you when you open a group for the first time in a while. There’s also a new tool for searching a group to find specific members.

All of this was announced in an official WhatsApp blog post earlier today, so check that out for a few more details. Make sure you’re using the latest version of Whatsapp or you might not have these options yet.


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