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SHARED: Three (3) Profitable Social Media In West Africa That Pays It Users.
1.. Linda Ikeji Social - was launched November 2016 by Linda Ikeji Proud Owner Of LindaikejisBlog She is With No Doubt The Best Female Blogger In Nigeria . Lindaikejisocial Is A News And Social Platform similar to Twitter where you have followers and you follow others . Few Days After Launching They Platform, Twenty Thousand Naira Is Giving To the First 20 Users To Have One Hundred follows After that promo, Lindaikejisocial Glo Giveaway Come Knocking At out Doors Glo Recharge Cards Worth One Million Naira Was Given Out I Was Lucky To Get One Thousand Naira Recharge.Original Currently News Submission is open to all users for each eye witness , original news/event you get One Thousand Five Hundred Naira In Your Wallet Which can easily be withdraw intonyour bank account. LIS is the official abbreviation of Linda Ikeji Social. Other Functions Like Chatting,Shopping ETC are Supported on LIS . Join Now , Get Cash Prices And Chat With Celebrities.
[Image: Linda-Ikeji-Social-Page.jpg]

2. Crediboo -

I came across this social media via I Have Cashout Countless Times believe Me crediboo is credible. When last did some one give you ₦1,000 for sharing a post,commenting, signing up, inviting friend to socialize, clicking of ads or even page views?ooh It has never happened . With crediboo you will get free ;

* ₦50.00 sign up bonus

*₦5.00 for every friend that sign up using your unique referral link

*₦0.20 for each comment

* ₦1.00 status shared

*₦0.50 for a valid Advert click

* ₦0.20 for valid pageviews.

Many people will say it is a waste of time and data but ₦1,000 is hard to get in this current economy situation

How to Start
Click Here to sign up for free. Fill in the details correctly especially the bank aspect. Now After pressing signup Input you Phone Number done. You have successfully create your own Crediboo Account.

To get friends wait for A friend Request from ADMIN (Bukola Ogundipe) Accept It then click on his name now you will see his post click on comment button you will then see names of users that comment on his post click on any of the username in the comment section wait for it to open the user timeline then look for "Add Friends" Where you see username name,photo and address Click on it wait for it to accept . you can repeat this process over and over . before he/she accepts you can start creating posts in your timeline don't create an empty post,nonsense posts or comment are considered as spam don't try it, wait 20 seconds after previous post / comment before creating a new one,double posting is not allow,posting Abusive words is prohibited, make sure all your pictures have a captions(I.e a write top at better explain the picture) you can click on the gallery icon below the " share a status " box to input an image,only 1 ad click per hour will be count valid.

How to Login

logging in should not be a problem because crediboo is like facebook but actually it is more than Facebook it pays you for socialize,learning and having fun it us simple and easy to use. To login visit then scroll to login insert your email/username used in registration and password then click login. alternatively click here to go straight to the login page you can logout using the menu button( 3 vertical •) at the top right corner of your profile page.

How to Withdraw

If your earning reached ₦ 1,000 Minimum payout you click on your earn or wallet after the page loads click on Withdraw at the top of the page. Be expecting and alert 24-72 hours after withdrawal request.
Now you can feel like a boss with ₦1,000 in your bank account.
Crediboo : Social Networks that Pays .

[Image: Screenshot_20161110-100509.png]

3. Nationton Republic -

What is Nationton Republic?

Nationton Republic is a cool social
network and a powerful online
market platform. It allows you to
communicate & share things with
friends & family, sell your own
products & promote your own
business. On top of it, you get GH
¢9 each time you get a person to
join Nationton Republic.
Nationton Republic was developed by Nationton I.T, an advanced web development service in Ghana, serving multi-service companies and organizations such as Stylex Group of Companies, Maphlix Trust Ghana Limited, Kayfie Company Limited, and more. See more companies that
trust Nationton I.T

To Note:

Nationton Republic is a Social

Nationton Republic is an Online
Market Giant

Make Money & Boost Your Income

Nationton Republic is one of the
fastest growing online business
network in Ghana where you can
make real money and get paid on
the internet for real.

1. When you join Nationton
Republic, we hire you to help
recruit more customers to
expand the community. Thus,
we pay you GH¢9 each time you
get a person to also join our
community. The more you invite,
the more you earn and there is
no limit to how many people
you can invite.

2. Each successful recruitment
adds GH¢9 on your account.
Thus, if you invite for example
90 people today, you will earn
GH¢810 today and you can
withdraw your money that same

3. Always, the people you
recruit shall also have the same
opportunity as you to recruit
other people so that they also
earn money from Nationton

4. We have powerful tools that
will help you to invite people
with very little effort. For
example, you can easily invite
all your friends on Facebook,
Twitter, Google+, Yahoo Mail and
Hotmail using an invitation tool
in your account on Nationton

5. Those who have large
following on social media can
easily make a fortune in a day.
Consider if you already have
around 5,000 friends on
Facebook alone. That's GH
¢45,000 for you supposing all of
them accept your invitation to
join Nationton Republic. Then
how about additional
accumulations you will get from
successfully recruiting your
other friends on other social
media such as twitter, Google+
and the rest plus those you can
manually recruit from the
[Image: logo-91291368.png]

Source Africanpoint
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
Thanks for the post, it is very helpful

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