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SHARED: X-hide App Review: Best Monster App Yet Will Make Your Smartphone Content Invisible
Looking for a sure way to hide your precious device with very amazing Android games, contact and apps? We present you with the most user hider app you've ever heard of - The X-hide app.

Ignorance they say is a disease and failing to deal with it, you are sure to find yourself in a pit hell of mistakes and regrets. Hiding apps and smartphone contents were not such a big deal until the recent disturbances of the SARZ officials. This, therefore, implies that you may be a graphic designer, web designer/developer, freelancer and still be found wanting when you meet these guys.

Many friends and individuals have been encountering confrontation regarding the presence of implicating files like foreign pictures, files and graphics on their smartphones. Even GFX developers are not to be left behind.

Fortunately, I stumbled on an amazing yet relatively unknown app that can help you keep your files and graphics away from the prying eyes of these officials *No a bad thought anyways*

Being an Android user itself can be sickening at times as your phone can accidentally fall prey to someone’s hands or the often inevitability of having to pass it on to an intruder friend totally unaware of their true intentions.

So, no worries then as we present you with the most user hider app and media content hider on the internet you sure never heard of before, the ultimate X-hide XOS launcher app I promised you guys on a Facebook post I recently made.

X-hide is a great utility privacy app that allows you to hide manage privacy info and data like messages, Contacts, pictures all through the comfort of your smartphone with the only you being the unlikely intruder. The app first became available on XOS Launcher v2.0 and has never looked back since then.

Step 1: You don't have to go searching around on Google play Store cos' you ain't gon' see the app there. It comes pre-installed in your Infinix XOS enabled device.

Step 2: Launch the app and next proceed to enable the "Activate Hidden Mode" feature on the app - this, in turn, hides the X-hide app from your smartphone app menu whilst also keeping your hidden document intact.

Step 3: Proceed to set up a four-digit pin on the app interface. This enables you to be able to launch the app when in hidden mode from just dialling ## followed by your already set up four digit pin.

Step 4: Exit the app interface and proceed to launch the app using step 3 above.

NB: You get the opportunity to hide the X-hide app from your menu dock and can be launched from your phone call interface by just typing a double hashtag sign followed by your 4-digit password. Forget the password an everything is gone.

You don't need to go about looking for a smartphone that runs the XOS launcher, you can still make use of the other relatively unknown yet powerful apps and rest be assured of safe files and documents. Let us know through the comment section your view and experience about each of the above app and we sure would be glad to share them with the entire tech world.?
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