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See Why You Shouldn't Tag Or Share Post From Your Blog To Facebook
[Image: fb-share-button.jpg]

This May Sound Funny But Its True.. Its nt Totally Advisable for a blogger to share his/her blog posts directly to Facebook

Here are Some few Reasons

1. The said Shared Post Gets Little Or No View/Attention ••

This is Very True. in fact When You Post anything on your fb timeline that contains any web address/link the post won't be visible to all your contact list.

a normal post without link don't display on all your fb contact's timeline talk less of a post with one or two links.

2. It Devalues Your Fb Profile/Profile Page: When you post too much links on your Facebook timeline it makes your profile page rough and totally devalue your Facebook personality.

The low likes alone You get from those posts will tell you directly/indirectly that you shouldn't be posting links more often on your timeline.
Post Credit: Thomas Enahoro
CEO Primebazeweb

I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team
You're very right bro. that's why its always important to get a good Facebook page with huge followers. although not everyone On the page will see the post but it is still preferable than A normal Facebook account.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
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