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TUTORIAL: Top 8 Kissing Mistakes You Make -
[Image: kissing_technique-1.jpg]

When it comes to kissing, there is a thin line between nailing it and failing it. It may be the most beautiful form of intimacy but it can turn out to be a failure if you committhese common kissing mistakes. Here aresome kissing dos and don’ts:

1. Sloppy is a floppy!A French kiss is a total thumbs up but refrain your special moment from turning into a flop show by being all sloppy. Who likes saliva all over their mouth while kissing? I am sure even you don’t. Understand the difference between a passionate kiss and a sloppy kiss and spare your partner the wet horror!

2. Hands going wildA kiss without the use of hands? Not a good idea. Nobody likes to kiss a dead fish. But then, don’t overdo it. Know your partners’ comfort points and let your touch be restricted to just those areas without making them uncomfortable.

3. Having stiff handsAgain, nobody likes to kiss a dead fish. Use your hands but in the right manner. A kiss can never be a perfect kiss with just the lips and the tongue. A little waist holding and grabbing your partner in a romantic manner is what makes your special moment the perfect one!

4. Unnecessary bitingYes, biting is considered $exy while in the ‘moment’ but don’t go overboard chewing over your partners lips. Just grab the lower lip gently and give your kiss a rough and a passionate turn.

5. Mint your mouthBad breath aces the list of ‘top kissing mistakes’ that people tend to make. Therecannot be a bigger turn off than a stinky mouth. Chew some mint before you get intimate with your partner and be kiss ready.

6. Chap it upDried and chapped lips are a big NO-NO while kissing. Apply a lip balm and make sure your lips look smooth, kissable and luscious before you get into the ‘move’ to ace the perfect kiss.

7. In a rush?Kissing the love of your life is one of the most beautiful moments of your love life and you would not want to rush through it.Be gentle with your partner and go with the flow so that your special moment can last as long as you BOTH want it to.

8. Stare is creepy
@Dealwap come and learn some stuffs so as not to fail on your first kiss.

Belle like @younqjohn no need this, he don kiss things wey pass his age self
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Code In me
Oh oh oh
It takes so long to learn simplicity.

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