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TUTORIAL: Wapkiz Category Code With Thumbnail Size 100% X 50%
Today am Sharing wapkiz Category code with thumbnail

To Make use of the category code you need to follow this two Step.

Step 1: Go to your Wapkiz Account And create A New Page, Name it Category.

Step 2: Click the New Page you just create, Locate html/tag Code Copy and Paste below code.

:title: :to-cat(all): ~ HIPODONE [HD] Site:/title: <div class="related-posts"> <h3><span> <strong> :to-cat(all): ~ Hipodone</strong> </span></h3></div> [blog]bid=blog, cat=:to-cat:, o=u,l=10,s=:to-page:,no=Please add new posting|| <div class="related-posts-list"><center><img src="%urlthumb%" class="thumb" height="50%" width="100%"/> </center><b class="title"><a href="site-hipodone-forum.html?to-blog=%id%&to-title=%title%"><b>%title%</b> </a></b>  <b>%by%</b> %date% %edit% %del% </div> <hr/> [/blog]<div id="pagination-links">:page:s=:to-page:,l=10,c=[blog]bid=blog,l=0,no=0||[/blog],u=?to-page=::%prev=«% %n% %next=»%:/page:</div>


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