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The Biggest Mistake Every Blogger Makes (and How To Avoid It)
Are you making this mistake, too?
When people visit your blog, they often hit your single post page first.
And when they hit that page, you have seconds to grab their attention before you lose them.

How do you keep these people from leaving your website?
You can craft an awesome headline. You can also make your content more inviting by
minimizing your content width.
However, there’s one more thing you can do, and it’s extremely effective for drawing readers into your content. The funny thing is, most bloggers, including me, often don’t do it.

Enough Hype, What’s the Secret?
When you write your blog post, you use an image to grab reader attention, right?

Did you know that when people spot images, their eyes naturally drift down?
It’s true…
And since this eye-dropping behavior is coded into our genetics, you should never run an image without an interesting, persuasive caption.
I know this sounds crazy… it’s just a silly caption.
But, as Drew Eric Whitman points out in Ca$hvertising, “studies have shown that up to twice as many people read captions as body copy.”

Do you know what that means?
If you fail to place a caption under your image, people may not read anything else. Heck, they may not even read your first sentence!
How horrible is that? Do you want to lose your readers before they give your content a chance?
Heck no!
So, you better use captions, and they better be good.

What are your thoughts? Do you use image captions on your blog? Are you going to start using them?

Source: Here
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
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