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The Easiest Way To Make An Ai Chatbot
If you are trying to build a general purpose AI based personal assistant, the technology is still decades away, but if you want to build a chatbot for a specific application lets say booking a cab, which has a defined set of inputs and a defined set of outputs then building a chatbot could be relatively simple.

[Image: f46883d0]

A. The first step is identifying the input and categorising it in the correct bucket.

Taking the cab example again. Lets say we have two predefined categories, Booking and Route Information. Your users key in following inputs

  1. “Book me a cab from Thane to Dadar”

  2. “Tell me the fare from Thane to Dadar”

The first input would be categorised under Booking and 2nd would be categorised under Route Information. This categorisation is usually done on the basis of keyword identification.

In the two inputs above the keywords would be,

Booking - book, cab

Route Information - fare

B. The next step is dynamically improving the categorization.

Lets say the next input you get is the following,

“Tell me the price of cab between Thane to Dadar”

Now the keywords in this input are price and cab, so if we depend solely on our keyword mapping in previous step, then we would incorrectly label this input under Booking whereas the actual category should be Route Information.

This is where AI plays a critical role in not only identifying the keywords but also deciding their weights based on previous input. The more data sets you have the better the accuracy of category prediction.

Hopefully this info should be useful for you to build a basic chatbot. Identification of keywords requires basic understanding of natural language processing. You could look at third party libraries such as spacy, nltk or Stanford NLP

Alternatively if you want to build the chatbot for facebook you could use libraries.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. Smile

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