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The New Way To Change Your Google Adsense Link Ads Default Colors To Increase Clicks
Google AdSense on your blog is not blogging riches but only a partway to blogging money. There are tones of publishers who either sold their AdSense or even dash them out just because they felt it is not doing well in their sites.

On of the factors that affect your income is your site layout and your ads placement which i have previously discussed in details how you can position your ads to earn better income

If your link ads color is too poor and unattractive it can reduce your ads click by 80% and if the colors are sharp and tempting to click the reverse becomes the case. So modifying your ads codes to have a better view is also a way of increasing your clicks thereby affecting your earning negatively (I know its your dream even mine) so let me show you how you can do it today to give your site not only a partway to AdSense success but also a good users view .


[Image: how-to-change-adsense-ads-link-colors.jpg]

All the ads you have created will show up from the next windows now just select the ads you want to modify its colors

[Image: change-defult-link-colors-adsense-ads.jpg]

Now a new page will show up where you can edit your ads code e.g modify the name styles and colors.

[Image: editing-adsense-link-colors.jpg]

Click on Ads styles and select copy and edit from the next page

[Image: edit-google-adsense-ads-color-links.jpg]

Give your ads style a name and edit your colors by changing the default color codes

[Image: AdSense-copy-link-editing.jpg]

The Title is the main color link so that's what you must not forget to change it link since it is the reason for this tutorial you can replace it with any color code you can Search for nice color codes online

After that hit on save and scroll down then hit save again and you are done. Now a new style has been successful added with your own color modification you style name will be automatically added to the original ones so that any time you want to create new ads you can just use the same style by just selecting it from the list.

After saving your settings it may not work immediately wait for at least 30munites or more and you will see your ads style change according to your modification.

Hope with the above you can now change your Google AdSense ads default link colors to any color of your choice please don't forget to share this post someone might be in need of it


Nct coder
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team

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