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This Is Why You Are Not Making A Dime From Blogging
Hi there, we see so many bloggers spending their time designing their blogs, making everything set on their blog they even post unique articles. Some even go ahead to change their designs every month to the design of any new blogs they see but at the end of it all they get frustrated and quit the platform because they are not generating enough income to sustain them or even pay for the blog hosting.

Today, I will go over some core reasons why I believe you are not making a dime from your blog. Take your time and follow the articles and make sure you share this article with your friends when you are done reading.

1. Incompetency: What do I mean by being incompetence? it simply means you don't have enough knowledge to carry out the necessary activities on your blog, this is mostly due to the fact that you just want the blog to boom without going through some stress. You don't make research on how well you can boost your blog, you are only focused on publishing articles. Who reads the article when your blog doesn't have visitors?

2. Low publicity: You don't have any means of advertising your blog, you don't invest in it yet you want to make some money from it, your posting rate is so low, you publish an article once in a month, that could discourage your blog readers from following your blog and that will send them off. Gone are those days when there are low competitors, now, you need to work hard for your blog to grow among every other blog we have out there.

3: Lack of value: You are dishing out articles but they don't really add value to your readers, you don't care about what people want to read, you only write about whatever comes to your mind without carrying out a survey asking your readers what can help them or what they would love to read about. To fix this, it would make a whole lot of sense if you could take your time to know what your readers would like to read and write about it.

I could continue to list so many reasons why upcoming bloggers gain nothing from their blog and the end of it all they get frustrated and have no other reason but to quit.

Let's hear from you, do you have some reasons why upcoming bloggers quit or why they don't make money from their blog? comment them below.
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
With the little things I've experienced, some quit when adsense doesn't approve them, but I think the greatest reason to quit is when you don't have visitors... imagine viewing your site's stats and you see that you were the only visitor for the day.... That would make anyone quit!!!
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Bloggers lacks - Patience, Time, And Hardworking skills. It is said that, even a plant takes it time to grow. But by adding some little support and giving it time. It will let itself grow. Thats what many bloggers lack. And they turn down their blog because of no bills. Nowadays blogger are blogging because of the money.
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Mine is lack of seriousness. Though, I am not quitting.
I am a proud member of NIgerian Coders Team

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