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Track All Activities Carried Out On Your Phone By People With This Method
Do you feel insecure when you lend out your phone to Friends because you don't know what they did with your phone. And st other time, it is very advantageous to monitor your phone and how and what it is being used for because one's phone could have been used to carry out an illegal activity or even worse.

And some times you give friends your phone and strange enough, they will go and be accessing your private messages, mail, chat and other confidential files. Because of this type of thing, a lot of security measures such as Apk lock among others have been used to curb this but still if a close friend asks for your password, refusing him/her will not look and feel good.

With the aid of this tutorial, you will be able to track and control all the activities carried out using your phone. With the help of new google feature ‘Google Activities‘. This is to say that all your Android activities are being saved and stored on your phone. Activities like your browsers, URL you entered, apps you opened on your phone, photos, among other activities.

>Open your browser using “Google Chrome” or any other quality browsers and go to

>Now sign in with your Gmail account and you’ll see all the recent and old activities being carried out on your phone.

>After that you can choose to clear your data and then borrow your phone out again and track up the activities.


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