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Why The Hell Are You Into Blogging?
Relax, take a deep breath! Okay read on! Why did you choose to be a blogger? Twinky-jumpy, niphy- gritty! You want to make money right? You have some undying passion for writing and decided to monetise your effort! Well, that's not bad. Today, i'll briefly be going over some important strategies you need to apply if you want your blog to attain the height it ought to. On your mark, set, Go!!

You attached less value to your website It's not all about writing, writing and writing! You need to apply some business strategy if you truly want to stand!
―Take your time to write interesting posts that relates with your site niche! Avoid copying posts from other blogs it only shows how incompetent you are.

You are dedicating less time to your blog
Look around you, those successful bloggers are people who gave more time to their blog or hire people to post for them. You can't be posting whenever you like and expect to be given any attention in the blogosphere! Smile consistent posting won't only help you but will also make search engine love your site and always return at every interval to index your posts.

You're into blogging only because you think you can make some money probably this is the main reason we've so many dumb bloggers, they've no understanding about what they're doing they just feel like blogging and make money. They're the type that put adsense on their blog right from day 1.

You have no mean of advertising your blog Okay you created your blog, no investment, no advert plan? How do you want to get more readers? How do you want to attract more readers to your blog? I think i'll have to stop here till we meet again, till then happy blogging!
It takes so long to learn simplicity.
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Reading reading this, some people will think you're referring to them.
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