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Google+ Closure: Do We Really Care?

Its no more a rumour that Google+ will be closed by April 2, 2019 and as the day become closer, I expect a lot of threads from various platform complaining of what the exit of such amazing service will cause them.

Imagine if Facebook or Twitter or Instagram of LinkedIn come up with such closure news, that would have been the main discussion on every tech and non-tech platform.

But why is a whole service by the almighty Google not worth screaming about?

I remembered when MywapBlog was about to closed, many user went as far as going to the owners account to personally plead with him, despite lot of free other options available for them like blogger.com.

From the screenshot above, they are not even remorseful in the way they announce the closure of the service, saying one account is going away, funny!

Another thing I noticed is that, the closure of any service from this big companies always open room for smaller organization with similar service. For example, if Facebook should conclude to stop their social media service, up-and-coming social media and social-pay (like steemit) will surely start extra advertisement to use that opportunity gain more ground.
But no new service is popping around to replace the Google+ service, is it that Google+ is not offering a genuine service or people just don't want to care?
Added a comment on Aug 21,2021

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