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With The Number Of Employees At Amazon Inc; Thy Shall Not Fear AI!

Hello World
Among the non-ending topics nowadays is the fear of Artificial Intelligence replacing human beings at some specific work.

This thread is not about to continue the debate, but to give those afraid among us some relief.

I saw a FB post where someone is discussing the consistency of Amazon Inc due to their increase in their employees every year!
The part that got my attention is the number of employees from 2002 to 2018

Number of Amazon employees:
2019: ???????
2018: 647,500
2017: 566,000
2016: 341,400
2015: 230,800
2014: 154,100
2013: 117,300
2012: 88,400
2011: 56,200
2010: 33,700
2009: 24,300
2008: 20,700
2007: 17,000
2006: 13,900
2005: 12,000
2004: 9,000
2003: 7,800
2002: 7,500

Though there are little differences to the stats available on Google, the above details is still reliable!

With how technology is evolving, one would have expect their employees to start reducing while they use automation and AI to replace a lot of humans. But it seems this is not happening soon, maybe when they release number of employees in 2019 we can then conclude on this.

This shows that as much as AI will replace some humans, many humans will forever be irreplaceable, even if this humans don't evolve in their skills as technology evolve.

I will research on number of employees in Elon Musk companies to put a full stop on this fear of AI!

What's your view about the AI vs Human trend?
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