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On The Issue Of Computers Asking Us If We Are Robot Or Not

Hello fellow human beings, the bots on the forum should go get their greeting from GoogleBot! While chilling thought my Facebook timeline, I saw a short but complex message:

This is an era where computers (i.e robots) will be telling human beings to verify if they are not Robots.

This short message has made a lot of people start to reason the matter differently.

Before we don't see anything wrong with going through " reCaptcha" test, especially the one from Google, but since I have seen this post, I always feel somehow when I see any "Are you a Robot" test! The main problem is when one fail the test, then a Robot will be telling a human being that he or she is a Robot, weird right? It is like saying a thief should verify that others are not thief! Well, there is a Yoruba proverb that supports such a method, it says "Only and a thief can trace the footpath of a thief" that is, only a Robot can verify and know if someone is a Robot or not.


What do you think about the issue?