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Android Users Whatsapp To Get Dark Mode


WhatsApp is finally rolling out the much the dark mode option.

These days, virtually every app that launches has different modes for its users, even the latest Android version has a dark mode for users. And for a long while, WhatsApp users have clamored for a dark mode on the app.

For as long it looked like the widely used messaging platform wasn’t interested in it and wasn’t going to heed its users.

Howevere, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has started rolling out the dark theme to beta testers on Android with the latest version – after the long wait.


Scientifically, it has been proven to reduce eye strain while reading, something that enhances visual ergonomics. Dark mode also adjusts with lighting to give users a pleasant reading experience each time. However, research claims it isn’t ideal for legibility.
Most importantly though, and don’t blame users for this, is that the mode looks pretty cooler and far more different from the general light mode others use. Light mode is quickly becoming obsolete.

How to Download it

For beta users, they only need to install the latest version of WhatsApp on their devices. Once done, they can go to their settings, under the “Chats” option and change the theme to “Dark”. This enables them activate the new dark mode and to set it to a permanent dark mode.
For those who want the dark mode to come on at night and the light mode by day, they can choose the “System default” option to do that.
For Android 9 Pie and older versions , the option will be “Set by Battery Saver” option instead of “System default.” This will do the same thing, however, based on the user’s device battery settings.
For now, the dark mode feature is only on the beta channel (users can join on Google PlayStore). But as always, WhatsApp is likely going to officially roll the feature out for every user within the next few weeks.