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How To Know an Original Memory Card


Did you just bought a memory card and you which to test it’s originality for you to know if it’s good or bad. You can confirm this in many ways but what we will be discussing about here is just with the use of these simple steps below. Kindly follow up so as to get your problem solved before leaving this article.

How To Check Your Memory Card If  Fake Or Original

It In Your Phone And Format It – Formatting your memory card is the best way to test your memory card status, because during this process your phone will scan the memory card and will try to delete all the stuffs on it. If it is successfully scanned and formatted this means your memory card is good and okay. But if not, it means you have bought a fake memory card with virus, so you need to remove it from your phone before it damage your phone.

Note that if you can’t find the format option on your phone, you will need to use your phone’s Antivirus app to format it. The option is always there.

2) Check The SD card Details Very Well – Check for all the necessary things on the memory card before purchases it. Check the serial number, the manufacturer and the country it was imported from. 

The best way to know if an SD card is fake or genuine is to download SD insight from the play store, launch the app and if the sd card is genuine it will show the name, manufacture date and capacity, just like the image below. And if u wanna know write and read speed, download A1 SD bench. If ur Sd class is class 4 the it should write at average of 4MB/s, class 6 should write t 6MB/s, class 10 should be around 10MB/s. If ur write speed is way off the class written on the SD card then its probably fake.