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Introducing Biicy Electronic Wallet - A New Payment Solution

Biicy is a technology company that provides a safe, reliable and convenient way to pay and get paid. Our services encourage modern payment solutions by providing individuals and businesses with reliable and efficient tools to boost, maintain and manage their financial resources efficiently. We help eliminate the need of individuals having their debit or credit cards on them at all times by providing an electronic wallet which can be accessed across all devices and can be used in making purchases, sending money to family and friends and many more. We also help both starter and registered businesses with tools which can be used in accepting payments from customers, payment of staff salaries, handling of financial records, maximizing staff productivity and also in scheduling partnerships, events and meetings with other small or large scale businesses.

Biicy allows anyone to pay from anywhere, for any service whatsoever without having the risk of sharing delicate financial information to the public. We also encourage global e-commerce activities and partnerships by making payments seamlessly possible across different locations, currencies and tribes. There are a lot of benefits of owning a Biicy account, which include:

Flexibility for sellers: With a Biicy account, small and large scale businesses can quickly and easily accept payments. All businesses are assigned a unique wallet address in which users can make payments to either by transfers or via the payment tab on the business page of the seller or biller.

Speed: Wallet transfers and biller or purchase payments on Biicy are instant. There is no delay in funds reflecting in the transaction history tab of all parties involved once the payment or transfer is successful. Transfers from Biicy accounts to bank accounts can take as little as 24 hours.

Affordability: There are little or no fees attached to the use of some of Biicy services (i.e. transfers, withdrawals, bills, e.t.c.) as there are no hidden charges attached to any transaction. 

Safe buying: Biicy offers buyers specific processes for disputing failed or messy transactions. We are there for sellers who worry they will be stiffed on payment after service delivery and also for users who always have access to a recourse tool (risky mode) when there is a buyer who did not get what they ordered.

Account privacy: Biicy is secure. For buyers, this means a level of account protection not offered by various stores, where retailers commonly have access to the account information of buyers in-hand after purchases.

Ease of record keeping: Biicy history goes back to the day the account was opened. Users also have the ability to pull reports and users are always advised to prepare and file an information return to report to their tax officers the various types of income other than wages, salaries, and tips once they have more than 200 transactions.

Acceptance online: Biicy is fast becoming a common method of payment on many websites, as well as mobile or desktop applications, games, physical and online stores and any form of existing business that accept payments for any reason.

It is common to buy items online, possibly from a seller in another country and also to pay utility bills (even for someone in another country). We live in a global economy where we are really just a computer screen away from each other.

Biicy is a safe, trusted, and efficient way to manage finances efficiently and purchase goods or services online from anyone as our payment system allows buyers to send money to billers or sellers virtually, without involving personal checking, debit or credit card numbers.


Our mission is to provide a safe and reliable payment solution as we build a unique bond between individuals and businesses. 


We would love to hear from you anytime, any day as we are on your favorite social media platforms.

Email: hello@biicy.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/biicyhq

Facebook: https://facebook.com/biicyhq

Instagram: https://instagram.com/biicyhq

Thank you.

Biicy official link: https://www.biicy.com/

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