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See Top 11 Jokes Of Today. No 11 Is My Treasured

There are countless benefits of laughing and sharing funny jokes.The importance of jokes is that when people around you are either sad, in a serious mood or in a problem. Jokes can help them to feel better. Jokes are basically the stories that bring laughter to the people who are listening or watching.

Jokes invariably refers to those stories which are strictly meant for amusement or laughter. Such humor and fun can spice up our life by effectively bringing in happiness. It can be either a Long or a Short Joke; the underlying purpose is to make people laugh and feel jovial.

Here are top 13 jokes of the day..

1.If you fail to make it children in your area might hide their biscuit when they see you oooo������

2.I stole money, the money got missing. What a waist of sin?����

3.Doctor: Good news,

You will soon be able to see your wife

Patient: But she died 5 years ago

Doctor: Exactly…hope you know what it means if you are the patient

4.When you meet Nigerian girls carrying a baby on the road..

Me: Rhoda, where are you going

Rhoda: To my sister’s place oo

Me: Cute baby how are you

Baby: tya piha jyfjkkfjk getjjkh

Me: Rhoda, what’s he saying

Rhoda: He said you should buy him fried rice, chicken and give us transport money.

Me: bsisbbskj sjsjvssj

Rhoda: what’s the meaning??

Me: I just told him, when next we see

No be only you understand baby language

5.It hurts so much when you know you are a virgin but people don’t believe you cause you have a kid�������

6.When you owe somebody 1million naira and you decide to commit suicide but a doctor saves you and now you’re owing the doctor 200k as well. Village people chaii������

7.My brother please no matter what try marry a beautiful woman so your children will not be called to act the role of devil in their primary school

8.For those weddings canceled because of this Corona virus, God is giving you a second chance to think about it.

9.Being ugly is challenging. Someone will just look at you & conclude that you’re wicked.

10.Mother in law asked her son’s wife “Why all the children didn’t resemble their father

She replies “What I have is a reproductive system, not a photocopying machine”

11.Rich people can’t dance and I just realized that I can’t dance.

Oh Lord, I see what you are doing.
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