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How to Increase 4GB SD Card To 128GB



This is a simple trick used to increase the storage of a 4GB SD card to a 128GB SD card. This trick works 100%.


Required items to make it work:

You need a smartphone using Android and one 4GB memory card.

Open file manager and Check the details of SD card, see the storage 3.64GB

After that you go on play store and download app. ES explorer

After installing the app,open this app go to internal storage then after opening SD card you see phone memory then after you open android data now create a new folder name ‘det file’ and save it. Then open this folder by text ‘ES note editor’ now you see blank page, After this blank page, now edit this page write only ‘Make it large’

Now you calculate how many MB in 128GB




Now open that page where you typed ‘make it large’ write there ‘Make it large 131072MB’ and save it.After this process you restart your phone.

Finally you’ll see your file manager details of SD card 124.97GB.

This trick works 100%.