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Android 11 beta to feature Google’s version of a popular iPhone feature

Google a week ago discharged the first open beta of Android 11, which can be introduced on any supported gadgets at this moment, including the Pixel 4 and other perfect handsets. We definitely comprehend what’s in store from Google’s next significant Android discharge, and the operating system won’t give any progressive highlights.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of flawless enhancements in Android 11 that will fans will quickly watch. One of them concerns notifications, which currently center around individuals more than all else. Truth be told, the new Conversations segment of the notification screen is something that would work extraordinary on the iPhone too. Android 11 will likewise pack a couple of highlights that are motivated by iOS. The now media controls and the screen captures highlights are two of them, yet it’s the third one that fans will acknowledge most. Android 11 at long last brings to Android a component that has been accessible on iPhone for a considerable length of time. That is the capacity to impart records to individuals and gadgets around you that iPhone and Mac clients know as AirDrop.

Google is discharging new recordings about Android 11 for developers, and the most up to date one discussions about the Conversations notifications that we tended to previously. In it, there’s a screenshot of Google’s AirDrop elective that appears to demonstrate Android 11 will for sure let you share photographs, records, and connections with contacts around you.

Full news: https://fojusi.com/android-11-beta-to-feature-googles-version-of-a-popular-iphone-feature/

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